I worked with Nancy Dennis in some coaching sessions and found her to be an awesome partner.   She brings many skills to the table.  Nancy is very adept at digging in deeper to uncover the root cause for behaviors or reactions to certain situations.   She has such a personable and friendly personality that makes it easy to connect with her and trust her communications as sincere and non-judgmental.   Nancy left with me many great nuggets of knowledge and truths that I will keep moving forward with my work life and personal life as well.  I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone wanting to explore a coaching arrangement.

     Debbie, Omaha, Nebraska

Our sessions are very valuable.  The focus and wisdom you bring to me really helps me in my daily life.  Keeping my integrity words to live by on my desk is a great reminder of my core values and how I can implement those same values into my business and my daily life.  Helping my with my time management and completions of projects has helped my business thrive.

I look forward to learning more from you in the future and taking on more responsibilities in my business.  Being my own boss and have the power to succeed and do the right thing, day in and day out allows me to be happy.  Loving my job and working because I like what I am doing is a real blessing.  Thanks again for your understanding of me and helping me on my path to reaching for my potential!

     Andrew, Omaha, Nebraska



I would not have made as many steps forward in my personal life and with my business if it were not for the support, inspiration, encouragement and generosity-of-spirit that Nancy brings every time she coaches me.  There is no judgment and I feel very safe in bringing anything to our sessions.

     Lori, Ohio


With Nancy's expert coaching, when opportunity arrives in my life, I take Action rather than letting things pass me by. Life is so much better with her support. Thanks Nancy !

     M Holden, Wyoming


Coaching with Nancy is like having a patient friend keep me on track and accountable to the goals Ive set for myself. She gently invites me to take the higher ground and minimize excuse-making. My life is more peaceful and happier than it's ever been. 

    Mo, Omaha, Nebraska


Nancy demonstrates a sincere commitment to her clients’ success. She is warm, focused, and supportive of her clients’ goals and intentions and is masterful in building relationships with those clients.  She is intelligent, skilled, integrious and compassionate.

     Stephanie, Georgia


Nancy demonstrates integrity and respect for her clients.  She is very present and flexible, adding humor very effectively which supports those she coaches authentically and professionally.  Nancy is an enthusiastic champion of her clients.

     Beth Ann Suggs, Academy for Coaching Excellence

More About Me

Hello there!  If you have found this place on my web site, it means you want to know a bit more about me. 


I am a professionally trained, certified and accredited coach focusing on performance and development.  My clients include individuals seeking change, new managers, organizations navigating change, entrepreneurs, solo business owners, and developing leaders in small organizations and businesses.  


My coaching model emphasizes awareness to who and how we are being as we set out to accomplish goals and transition from the habits of a lifetime that no longer serve.  As we integrate this awareness into the 'doing' of our lives, so many things start to change.  Confidence builds, dreaming big and taking new risks brings amazing results, and we spend much less time wasting our energy, talent and time on self-sabotage.  Throughout my years of coaching, I discovered a frequent challenge theme coming up for my clients.  Varying degrees of disappointment, frustration and confusion arose when interacting with others that went beyond communication and action plans.  A typical client conversation would start with a good description of what was to be accomplished, followed by dismay over the actual result.

This let me to develop a model for bringing more clarity to the situation.  It is both simple and multi-faceted.  This model is


More often than not, efforts stated with execution.  Sometimes communication had taken place, but rarely was there a clear awareness of the expectations.  That was the missing component.  My clients began to see new insights when they started examining their expectations.  Expectations were found to be unrealistic, unattainable, unreasonable, or unfounded.  Many expectations were not communicated.  Rarely were the expectations of others involved in the execution phase discussed or explored.  Often expectations were based in assumptions that put unnecessary stress on the situation ("No one will want to...", or "this is so easy and simple").  Whether we realize it or not, we have expectations of ourselves, others, and our company or organization.  And our company, team, peers and management have expectations as well.  We need to understand all these expectations, and when necessary re-frame them, make sure that the expectations of others are realistic too.  

Our expectations set the stage for what and how we communicate.  When our expectations are well thought out, and clearly communicated, the execution became easier.  When the unexpected arises, we often quickly want to find the solution and move forward.  Once again, often without reviewing the expectations.  

I intertwine various coaching methodologies that I have personally found successful in my own development, including:

  • Jack Canfield’s “Breakthrough to Success” workshop

  • Learning Strategies Corporation - masters at creating easy-to-use programs to help you solve challenges and maximize your potential. They combine the dynamic mind/body/spirit technologies of neuro-linguistic programming, accelerated learning, preconscious processing, and universal energy into a highly effective family of transformational programs.


This blend of practical, proven methods, combined with the transformation of personal awareness lends itself well to my client's  professional and personal growth and development.

I am an avid nature enthusiast and artist, enjoy photography, drawing, painting, gardening and writing.  I am married to Michael Fitzsimmons, an award winning percussionist, composer and recording artist. 




  • Training:  Academy of Coaching Excellence – 2006 – 2010

  • Certified and accredited

  • Associate Certified Coach Credential through International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Coaching Experience -  940 hours of coaching as of 5/31/19

  • Special Emphasis in developing managers and business best practices

  • Member International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Member Nebraska ICF Chapter

Client Segments
  • Long term health care/assisted living

  • Independent medical practice

  • Corporations

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Small businesses

  • Solo business owners/startups

  • Authors

  • Individuals seeking personal growth/development