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Being Grateful - A Thanksgiving Exercise

The secret is to put this into daily practice - no need to wait for the holiday!

In my coaching practice, there are a number of powerful words we can select and consciously bring forward with us in our actions. Our willingness to bring our focus on these words and the quality of the action it calls forth from us is one way that we experience our life in a rich and rewarding way.

One of those powerful qualities of being is grateful. What does that mean to me, I asked myself? Immediately I began to muse over the wonderful number of things I had experienced in this past year that I was grateful for. I have had the opportunity and great pleasure to work with a number of brilliant people with diverse backgrounds and talents, and each and every one of them have been a contribution to me. I have had a number of tremendous teachers and advisers. I have the privilege of teaching an art class, and expressing my own creativity. I have the constant and loving support of my husband, Michael. I have a wonderful group of friends. The list goes on. It would be easy to write pages and pages of things I am grateful for.

One of the important aspects of being a coach is supporting people in moving forward. This means there is less time and focus looking backward, and more time and focus on the present. We also focus on not only looking forward, but moving forward. So, Coach, I asked myself, what is there to see about being grateful, in the present and moving forward?

Here are a few things I see.

Being grateful invites me to savor the richness of my daily experience. When I am grateful in the present, I am mindful of my blessings, moment by moment, action by action. I do not take for granted the warmth of my studio office on a chilly November morning, the nourishing food I have to eat, the interactions with others, or the choices that are available to me. I am grateful for these things.

The things I want to accomplish today instantly become delightful to me. Because I choose to be grateful, to consciously bring that quality into my actions, the effort exerted becomes the blessing. There are a number of things I want to accomplish this week. I know they all align to a meaningful purpose in my life. As I bring the awareness of grateful to my efforts, for a fraction of a second it slows me down with the gentle reminder to savor the effort, be grateful. There is a sense of lightness in my being. A busy schedule? Yes. And I am grateful.

Being grateful is an action, an experience, not a thought.

Having the presence of mind to sit quietly for a few minutes and dwell on being grateful, here and now, has brought the golden autumn glow to the heart of my soul. I am ensconced in its strength and beauty, and I am grateful.

What are you seeing about being grateful? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Being Grateful - A Thanksgiving Exercise

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