Pick up more of what your client is sending out!

What if your client felt more at ease with you and more open to a truly engaging coaching experience, simply because you met some of their basic human needs? It is likely they did not even know they had these needs, but once met in the coaching engagement, it ups the game for both you and the client.

Have clients coming back again

and again so your business grows

as they access their best self

through partnering with you.

The course links the ICF Core Competencies with universal human needs, in order to explore, enrich and deepen our understanding of them. When any human beings' universal needs are met, their energy becomes available for something new-- growth, passion, focus, connection and purpose, for example.


This program lends itself to quickly deepening and strengthening the coaching engagement as it touches the human spirit. For some people, the only place they might be truly listened to and empowered is during coaching. When we use human needs as a foundation for bringing about personal awareness, a rich experience awaits.


As coaches, we get a lot of indicators of what is going on for our client. If we don't know how to interpret these indicators or are not aware that they are there, we cannot coach to them.


This exploration of the human needs illuminates a rich source of coaching indicators. As we master Core Competencies through the lens of human needs, our coaching becomes clearer, more insightful and more rewarding--for the coach and the client.

Join us for this highly interactive, robust discussion as we explore these basic human needs and the

ICF Core Competencies.

Each module provides 1.5 Core Competency CCE’s and .5 hour Personal Development CCE’s.

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